Avoid Booking Site Commissions

At some point you’ve probably wondered, “how much does Booking.com/Airbnb/Vrbo take in commissions”? Well, on average, booking sites charge around 15-20% commission. Some of this will come out of the host's nightly rate, and the rest will be added onto the guest’s subtotal. To make it a bit clearer:

Airbnb does things slightly differently. They generally charge guests 14% of the booking subtotal.

They’ve helpfully illustrated that for us: if a host charges $360 for a three-night stay, the guest pays an extra $50.40 (14%). 

We’re not trying to slam the system here: Airbnb connects you to guests, provides customer support, and lends a sense of legitimacy which makes guests more likely to trust the host.

Better Price for Holiday Rental Guests

By directly booking with us, we are able to provide a more guest-friendly price due to the removal of the OTA commission/service fee. Additionally, we are able to offer lower nightly rates in general.

Discounts are a really great way for us to let repeat guests know that we value them. We look to offer a discounted rate:

  • during the end-of-year booking lull
  • around holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or Easter
  • on the anniversary of your first stay with us

Build Stronger Host/Customer Relations

A direct booking site helps the host to build their brand, and encourages guests to associate their stay with the host rather than with the OTA like Airbnb.

The direct booking website offers the opportunity to showcase the host's logo, tone of voice, and color palette, to truly offer the guest a memorable experience. It is our goal to provide a smooth booking process and an exceptional stay for you in order to create an excellent long term relationship. 


However, if you feel more comfortable booking with us through the OTAs, our VRBO listing is provided below:

VRBO Listing

Please also see our brief 1 minute video tour below!