Dream Vacation Rentals

Welcome to the Dream Retreat!

We are a family owned business at Dream Vacation Rentals located in the heart of Central Florida. The goal of our business is not to scale up with multiple cookie cutter vacation rentals but instead continuously invest in our small portfolio of rentals to provide our guests with a unique and highly exceptional family centric experience! We want to capture that magical feeling and excitement of coming to Orlando, staying at a one-of-a-kind vacation rental, spend the day at theme parks, then come back and relax in the evening at a fully decked out dream vacation rental. We love providing hospitability for our guests and spreading the same magical feeling that made us fall in love with Orlando! We are in this for the long run and with your feedback and help, we will look to improve and enhance our business practices!

With that said, the very first property in our portfolio is the Dream Retreat, newly constructed in mid 2022 with modern exterior ascetics. We followed up with Fantasy Cove in 2023 due to the overwhelming positive performance of our first vacation rental and high demand. We spared no expenses when it came to world class theming and decor in making this an exceptional vacation experience for you and your family.

Overview and amenities

Quick Summary

⦁ New elegant and modern exterior

⦁ 8 BD, 5 BA, 1 recreation room, 1 movie room

⦁ Large Pool, Jacuzzi, and Grill

⦁ All adult rooms come equipped with king beds

⦁ Children's theme rooms come equipped with twin beds

⦁ Premium kids theme rooms

⦁ Premium theater room

⦁ Kitchen with coffee bar and ninja 3-in-1 grill w/air fryer

⦁ DisneyPlus+ subscription

⦁ No direct rear neighbor

⦁ Club access included